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Advice for GPs on Military Veterans attending with concerns on use of Mefloquine

Date published: 05/09/2016

Dear all,

Please find attached information from NHS England relating to Mefloquine, an anti-malarial which was prescribed to military personnel who were operating or training in Sub-Saharan Africa (not in Iraq or Afghanistan, with few exceptions) over the past 20 years. The attached documents provide information on what steps should be taken by practices if a patient presents with symptoms relating to the side-effects of Mefloquine. Please circulate this information to all practices in your LMC.

Kind regards,
Ciara Greene

Ciara Greene
Policy Advice and Support Officer
Terms and Conditions of Service (Independent Contractors)
Policy Directorate

British Medical Association
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(See attached file: ADVICE FOR NHS GENERAL PRACTITIONERS ON MILITARY VETERANS ATTENDING WITH CONCERNS ON USE OF MEFLOQUINE.docx)(See attached file: 20160819_Mefloquine SPOC (002).pdf)(See attached file: 20160825-mSPOC_algorithm.docx)
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