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Chartered Surveyors

Kent LMC is delighted to be able to recommend local Property Consultants
Invicta Chartered Surveyors & Charles Fraser Fleming

specialising in working in partnership with Kent GPs to provide advice in respect of their premises. Both advise upon all matters ranging from notional rent reimbursement, the value of the surgery for Partnership purposes to assisting with succession planning and advising upon such matters as sale and leaseback opportunities and premises development.
They are focused on providing a variety of advice at a competitive level with their primary offering to members of the Buying Group being in respect of:

  • Advising upon the accuracy and challenging notional rent reimbursement
  • Providing partnership valuations to determine the value of the assets for the reallocation of partnership shares

Invicta and CFF are able to offer significant reductions in cost compared to some of the national companies charges for challenging notional rent reimbursement with fees based upon 30% + VAT of the difference between the figure initially proposed by the PCT or District Valuer and that finally agreed via negotiation. Both companies have a detailed knowledge of Kent and have been carrying out valuations in Kent for 10 years or more. There is no cost to the members if funding cannot be improved.

Invicta and CFF are also committed to reducing the cost of valuations of the premises for partnership purposes for members by 10% on our standard fees.

Invicta Chartered Surveyors

Ms. Rosemary Jones BSc(Hons)MRICS
Invicta Chartered Surveyors
Old Obeden Farmhouse
Snughorne Lane
Kent TN27 8PR
Phone 01233 771946
Fax 01233 771945


Charles Fraser FlemmingMr Richard Dawson
Charles Fraser Fleming Ltd 9 Blackstone Close Redhill Surrey RH1 6BG
Phone 01737 214778
Fax 01737 215777
Email ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​
Website  ​​​​​​​  


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