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Full LMC Newsletter August 2015

Flu (Housebound), Premises, Primary Care Infrastructure Fund, Premises/Business Rates, NHSPS Lease/Service Charge, Premises Cost Directions 2015, Collaborative Fees, Appraisal Standards, KPCA – Capita working with Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE), LARC, Buff Forms (Community Nurse Administration Charts), Joint Statement Duty of Care, Community Education Provider Network (CEPN), PMS, LMC liaison meetings/Engagement with LMC Representatives – Phase Two, Kent LMC Annual Conference – 11th November 2015, Primary Care Co-Commissioning (Open Session), Sarah Macdonald, Director of Commissioning & Stephen Ingram, Director of Primary Care, NHS England South (South East), Fiona Armstrong, Chair, Swale CCG, Liz Lunt, Chair, DGS CCG and Patricia Davies, Accountable Officer, Swale & DGS CCGs, Dr Bob Bowes, Chair & Mr Ian Ayres, Accountable Officer, West Kent CCG, Bill Millar, Chief Operating Officer, Ashford/Canterbury & Coastal CCGs, Co-Commissioning Open Debate, LMC Policy Debate, LMC Co-Commissioning Statement

Publication date: August 2015