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GDPR BMA resources

Date published: 04/04/2018

Paul Cundy from the BMA has put a lot of work into producing Blogs for Practices and templates, but has had difficulty getting them onto the BMA website. So he has sent us an email which says:

"At the bottom of this mail you will see a link to share in my GDPR Dropbox. This is my offering to GPs, practices, LMCs, CCGs anyone in fact who wants to look. It’s my resource for GDPR, a sort of tool chest that should help everyone through to beyond 25th May. Dropbox is a file sharing system that has 500 million users and in which I hold no shares or financial interest. It’s the best option I could come up with given the limitations of our wallets, time and PECR. If you have a Dropbox already push on and hit the button. If not when you hit that button you will see a list of documents that are in the General Data Protection Regulations folder in my Dropbox.

These are as if they were on your PC. You can view, download and take copies, please do, its what its for. Unfortunately Dropbox does not allow for updates but you can read more about that in Blog Zero. You could if you wanted sign up for your own free basic Dropbox account and then link to mine. Either way please disseminate the link and any of the documents as you wish and as widely as possible. There is still some content yet to be uploaded but I expect all of it to be there within two weeks (I know I said that in January!). If anyone has any problems, speak to their physically closest IT guru. As ever suggestions for improvements welcomed.

And here it is; "

I have read through the Blogs and I think you will find them very useful. It's worth reading them all before looking at the templates as they explain what is what.

Donna Clarke
Practice Liaison Officer