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GPIT: Covid 19

Kent & Medway CCG Update 9 - 14th April 2020: IT

Progress Update

Thanks to you for responding to requests for information and to our hard-working IT teams we have managed to make progress in a number of areas. Updating IT systems can be a challenging process for all involved and we would like to thank you for your co-operation and patience. If we carry on at this pace, we will have introduced some complex and major changes over the last few weeks in very difficult circumstances. Obviously, some of you will still be struggling with implementing the changes but please bear with us.

Away From My Desk

After the weekend deployment 402 colleagues are already using Away From My Desk to work remotely. The IT team are now working with Away From My Desk support to resolve a small number of outstanding issues.

Online triage

As of today, we have 41 of 66 (62%) East Kent practices live with eConsult. In the rest of the county 77 out of 140 (55%) are now using DoctorLink.


We will start distributing just under 500 laptops this week on the basis of one laptop per 1800 patients and we are initially prioritising Medway, Swale, west Kent, and DGS. There will also be a top up distribution in east Kent to those practices who did not receive the required number of laptops through earlier distribution. We will contact practices to arrange delivery.

Primary Care Treatment Centres

All centres in west Kent had equipment delivered/deployed over the weekend. Five out of six had live IT with the last expected to go live today. IT equipment is also being distributed and set up across the rest of the county, but we have not, as we finalise content, had full updates about progress. We have also distributed 500 smart 14/04/20 – COVID-19 Update 9 3 card readers with the laptops for the centres to share with local practices and networks – as suits local need.

Going live on GP Connect with information about Primary Care Treatment Centres – technical information for practice managers.

EMIS Practices can be assured that they are live with GP Connect once the following is in place: 1. Practices have followed the configuration guidance, and 2. Practices have been advertised on the DOS as accepting GP Connect (please confirm if unsure with ) For Vision Practices. To receive messages via Interoperability Toolkit (ITK), no action is necessary, but guidance will be coming out from NHS Digital around the COVID-19 codes being used. For EMIS practices who have configured GP Connect, but receive ITK messages into their workflow, GP Connect may not be live. Please contact Phil or Dan in the first instance - (west and north Kent) and (east Kent).

New privacy notice for publication on practice websites

The NHS continues to work closely with the National Data Guardian (NDG) and Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to ensure a high level of transparency for patients during this period. As such, a supplementary privacy notice has been provided for use by organisations to inform patients about the ways information is being used as a result of Covid-19. The privacy notice entitled “COVID 19 Privacy Notice GP practices websites 140420” has been reviewed and updated by the GP Data Protection Officers. It is now for publication by GPs in Kent and Medway on their websites. 

Updated on Wednesday, 15 April 2020, 712 views

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