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Highest Clinical Risk Patients

Guidance and updates: Highest clinical risk patients

NHS England Update on guidance for clinically extremely vulnerable individuals and actions for GPs


Guidance for Practices - requests for MED3 ‘Fit Note’

Requests for certification of absence from the workplace relating to covid-19 may fall into five categories - please read the LMC guidance (which contains links to the relevant isolation notes) and the current Government Guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19).


Patients with long term conditions

The majority of these patients are not 'unfit to work', and in the current crisis their issues are occupational health issues.  If they work for an employer with an occupational health department they should be signposted in that direction.  This is especially true for colleagues working in NHS Acute Trusts.  Failing that a Med 3 stating fit to work with the following adjustments that simply states the diagnosis, should be employed in accordance with current emergency guidelines, and will put the ball firmly back in the employer's court.  Alternatively you can download this letter template  


Covid Guidance for Learning Disability Patients

Guidance from Rezina Sakel, GP Clinical Lead for Learning Disability and Autism, regarding COVID management for patients with learning disabilities and/or autism.

Updated on Wednesday, 11 November 2020, 49 views