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How can GPs avoid the new tax charges on their pension?

Date published: 08/12/2017

The amount GPs are allowed to save into their pension each year before incurring a tax charge is being reduced. Any active NHS pension scheme member earning over £110,000 may be affected.

Please see attached factsheet written by James Gransby, Head of Healthcare at MHA MacIntyre Hudson (first published in Pulse on 15th November 2017), which covers

  • What changes to pensions tax rules affect GPs
  • How can GPs check if this affects them
  • What should affected GPs do
  • Can GPs still reduce their tax bill in January 2018
  • What can GPs do about their 2017/18 allowance
  • How does inflation affect pension growth
  • Can you predict the impact of inflation
  • What other advice can GPs seek