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Information to be included in Practice Leaflets

NHS England Standard General Medical Services Contract


Information to be included in Practice Leaflets

A practice leaflet shall include—

1. The name of the Contractor.
2. In the case of a Contract with a partnership—
(a) whether or not it is a limited partnership; and
(b) the names of all the partners and, in the case of a limited partnership, their status as a general or limited partner.

3. In the case of a Contract with a company—
(a) the names of the directors, the company secretary and the shareholders of that company; and
(b) the address of the company’s registered office.

4. The full name of each person performing services under the Contract.

5. In the case of each health care professional performing services under the Contract his professional qualifications.

6. Whether the Contractor undertakes the teaching or training of health care professionals or persons intending to become health care professionals.

7. The contractor’s practice area, including the area known as the outer boundary area, by reference to a sketch diagram, plan or postcode.

8. The address of each of the practice premises.

9. The Contractor’s telephone and fax numbers and the address of its website (if any).

10. Whether the practice premises have suitable access for all disabled patients and, if not, the alternative arrangements for providing services to such patients.

11. How to register as a patient.

12. The right of patients to express a preference of practitioner in accordance with clause 13.8 and the means of expressing such a preference.

13. The services available under the Contract.

14. The opening hours of the practice premises and the method of obtaining access to services throughout the core hours.

15. The criteria for home visits and the method of obtaining such a visit.

16. The consultations available to patients under clauses 7.8.1 and 7.8.2, and 7.9.1 and 7.9.2.

17. The arrangements for services in the out of hours period and how the patient may contact such services.

18. If the services in paragraph 17 are not provided by the Contractor, the fact that the Board referred to in paragraph 28 is responsible for commissioning the services.

19. The method by which patients are to obtain repeat prescriptions.

20. If the Contractor offers repeatable prescribing services, the arrangements for providing such services.

21. If the Contractor is a dispensing contractor the arrangements for dispensing prescriptions.

22. How patients may make a complaint or comment on the provision of service.

23. The rights and responsibilities of the patient, including keeping appointments.

NHS England Standard General Medical Services Contract


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