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Informing the CQC of Changes to your Registration

Mrs Donna Clarke

Mrs Donna Clarke

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Firstly a warning!!!!!
check your registration on the CQC website and make sure you do have a registered manager listed as a handful of practices around the country do not and the CQC are about to crack down on this and may even take legal action!

You may not be aware that you must update your CQC registration whenever there is a change in your partnership or changes in the location/s your practice provides services from. The process is unfortunately rather cumbersome, but it’s just another hoop we have to jump through!

You can start the process of making changes at:

When you add a new Partner or if there is a change to the Registered Manager you will need to obtain a CQC countersigned DBS check from the post office. Details of how to go about this can be found at:

If you are reducing from two or more partners to only one partner, because you have become a Sole Trader you will need to cancel your CQC registration and reregister. This applies even if you are planning to take on a new partner at some point in the future.

Full CQC guidance on what changes you need to inform the CQC of and how to inform them can be found at:

If you need any help with the registration change process you can call the CQC helpline on 03000 616161.

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