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Kent LMC Coronavirus (Covid19) Letters & Updates

The LMC are producing regular bulletins with important updates for practices during the Covid crisis. To read the latest bulletins please click on the links below:

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 10 August 2020

The national flu immunisation programme 2020 to 2021: update, COVID funding guidance for general practice published, Face coverings, GP appraisal restart (England), Menopause report, Locum GP webinar 13 August (England), Report on how COVID might affect the number of GPs available to see patients (England), RPS calls for pharmacists to be able to alter prescriptions, Mental health and wellbeing, BMA COVID-19 guidance

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 3 August 2020
Public Health Enhanced Services COVID payments, Flu Update, NHS England/Improvement “Third phase of NHS response to COVID-19”, Health and care workers to self-isolate on return to UK from high-risk countries, Flu Programme, PPE Portal, Shielding guidance for staff on returning to work (UK), Dispensing Services Quality Scheme, DDRB pay award, Government obesity strategy, Mental health and wellbeing, BMA COVID-19 guidance.

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 27th July 2020
Survey of Workload transfer, Update from EKHUFT on the work underway to reopen services gradually and safely, Face coverings in general practice (England), Flu programme announcement, Action to improve vaccine coverage rates across the UK, RCGP guidance on delivering mass vaccinations, Shielding guidance for staff on returning to work (UK), Mental health and wellbeing, ARM Elections, DDRB report (England), BMA COVID-19 guidance

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 21st July 2020
Kent LMC Guidance for Practices in responding to patients requesting exemption from the wearing of face masks, GP Trainees (message from NHSE), GPC England meeting , GPC England guidance on arrangements for GP services for remainder of 2020/21 (England), Face coverings, Joint guidance for remote intimate clinical assessments , Shielding guidance for staff on returning to work (UK), BMJ Learning clinical guidance: COVID-19 in primary care-19 testing by employers, Tax on COVID-19 testing by employers, NHS Confederation report on PCNs (England), BMA COVID-19 guidance.

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 14th July 2020
Health Checks for those at highest risk, Update on GP services for 2020/21 (England), Social Prescribing Link Worker report, RCGP report - General Practice in a Post-COVID World, CCG Sit-rep, Faulty PPE, Clinical guidance on maintaining immunisation programmes during COVID-19, Patients being redirected to NHS111, COVID-19 care home support service (England), Transition between COVID-19 care home support and the Care Homes service in the PCN DES, BMA COVID-19 guidance

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 6 July 2020
Faulty PPE, New to Partnership Payment Scheme (England), COVID-19 risk Assessments, Shielding update, Trust GPs to lead: learning from the response to COVID-19 within general practice in England, COVID-19 has rewritten the rulebook for how the NHS operates, Performers List processes associated with GP Registrars and professional standards (England) , BMA COVID-19 guidance

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 30th June 2020
Vaccination and Immunisation updates and training -Thinking ahead to the flu season, Trust GPs to lead: learning from the response to COVID-19 within general practice in England, BAME doctors not being given access to COVID-19 risk assessments, New to Partnership Payment Scheme, Shielding update, GP Standard Operating Procedure updated, BMA issues holiday guidance ahead of domestic tourism return, BMA COVID-19 guidance, Mental health and wellbeing, Practices in difficulty during Covid-19, Offer of Virtual Group Consultations briefing session – (A General Practice Nurse 10 Point Plan Initiative) , Payment Proposals for GP Public Health Services, Occupational Health Assessments, Other COVID 19 resources

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 24th June 2020
PPE – face masks and coverings, Requests for face mask exemption letters, BMA risk assessment guidance for practices, Antibody testing of practice staff (England), Indemnity Cover for Covid Related Activities, Appraisal update, CQC inspections, Regulation of physician associates, A thank you from HEE (Health Education England) to the GP community (England), BMA COVID-19 guidance, Mental health and wellbeing, Steroids for MSK/Rheumatology, Other COVID 19 resources

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 19th June 2020
Ordering personal protective equipment (PPE), Change to the National Cervical Screening Programme, Workforce Minimum Data Set, Med 3/Fit Note Requests, The Cameron Fund, The GPs' own charity.

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 15th June 2020
No appeal for pensions suspension ruling, Shielding (England), Minimising nosocomial infections in the NHS, Implications for life insurance following antigen and antibody tests, Antibody testing, Covid19 Pillar 2 lab results flow into GP records, Referral to treatment (RTT) and re-referral, Revalidation, Individual coaching support for primary care staff, Exemptions from wearing face masks on public transport, Other COVID 19 resources

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 8th June 2020
Kent LMC Position on Covid-19 Antibody Testing, Rejection of 2WW referrals by Secondary Care, Sit Rep, Risk assessment guidance for BAME and other staff, Standard Operating Procedure for general practice in the context of COVID-19 (England), Shielding, Electronic repeat dispensing (eDR) – England, GP Recruitment (England), Briefing on role of contact tracing in outbreak control, A patient's guide to advanced care planning, BMA COVID-19 guidance, Other COVID-19 Resources

​​​​​​Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 2nd June 2020
NHS England’s Standard operating procedure (SOP) for general practice in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19), NHS Test and Trace services across the UK ( Test and Trace Q&A ), NHS Employers risk assessment guidance for BAME and other staff, Principles of safe video consulting in general practice, GP and practice COVID-19 toolkit

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 29th May 2020
Translated COVID-19 Patient Information Materials: Covid-10 Infographics, Primary Care Network Contract DES 2020/21 (England), BMA Risk assessment guidance,  New coronavirus life assurance scheme, Testing (UK), Temporary residents and travelling patients (England), Domestic abuse during COVID-19: advice for NHS staff (England), BMA paper on principles for restarting non-COVID care, Restoration of cervical smear services, Premises update – NHSPS and NHSE/I engagement (England), NHS Digital national GP data extraction to support COVID-19 planning and research, An opportunity to join a virtual ‘Doctors' Mess’ , Wellbeing, Online Portal for Ordering PPE, Other COVID 19 resources 

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 22nd May 2020
PCN deadline 31 May 2020, CQC Emergency Support Framework, MH Support for NHS Colleagues, Supporting patients with dental problems during Covid-19, Recovering Statutory Sick Pay Payments

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 19th May 2020
Roadmap out of lockdown (England), GP and practice COVID-19 toolkit, Care Home Arrangements, Preparing for Flu Immunisation 2020/21, NHS Digital national GP data extraction to support COVID-19 planning and research (England), BMA COVID-19 Webpage and Guidance, RCGP e-learning available for free, PCN DES Briefing and Webinar

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 8th May 2020:
BAME and Covid-19, New to partnership payment update, Remote Verification of Death, Kent and Medway CCG contact for COVID-19, Referrals into Secondary Care, Bank Holiday – 25th May 2020, Dispensing Practices - Dispensing Delivery Services

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 5th May 2020:
Covid-19 Referral Special, Supporting staff identified at increased risk from Covid-19, NHSEI letter to the profession on second phase of NHS response to COVID-19, Contractual responsibilities of providing care during COVID-19 pandemic, PPE, CPR should be reinstated to the list of aerosol generating procedures, Identifying high risk patients and shielding, Media, Self-referrals to the NHS Volunteer Responders scheme, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a notifiable disease, Reusing of medicines in a care home or hospice, GP Connect to provide access to patient data via the Summary Care Record (England), Performers List update (England), CQC statement on its regulatory approach during COVID-19, Webinars

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 1st May 2020:
COVID guidance for Learning disability patients, End of Life Care Medicine Reuse in Care Homes and Hospices, Treatment Escalation Plans (TEPs), Supporting psychological wellbeing during Covid 19 – A practical webinar for frontline staff

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 29th April 2020:
PPE supplies, Leading during bereavement and complex grief, Information and support for nursing working in primary care during COVID, GP and Practice Covid-19 Toolkit (England),  Identifying High Risk Patients and Shielding,  QOF Year-End Process, BMA Covid-19 Contract for Temporary Engagements, Returners Guidance, GP Connect to Provide Access to patient data via the Summary Care Record (England), Temporary Removal of the routine D4 Medical, Individual Coaching Support for Primary Care Staff Wellbeing, NHSEI Health and Wellbeing offer for NHS Staff

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 20th April 2020: 
LMC Pastoral Support, General Dental Services during Covid-19, 6-8 week baby checks, Referral Management, NHS Volunteer Responders, Kent Together, End of Life, Death Certification and Verification of Death, BMA COVID-19 contract for temporary engagements, NHS111 CCAS Appointments, Returning GPs, GP Induction and Refresher Scheme and International GP Recruitment Scheme, GP Retention Scheme (England), SitRep

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 8th April 2020 :
Responding to media enquiries , Requests for Med 3s/Fit notes for patients with long term conditions, Universal Credit/Benefits link for patients, GP ST3s in Primary Care Treatment Centres (hot hubs), Kent and Medway Primary Care SOP, Contract changes, Primary Care Network DES guidance, Bank Holiday working, KCC Services, PPE update, GP Preparedness letter BMA, NHSE & I Covid-19 Primary Care Bulletin, CCG Covid-19 Primary Care Bulletin, Clinical resources

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 30th March 2020 ​​​​​​: 
Easter Bank Holidays, Very High-Risk Patient letters - GPC update, SitRep (Situation Report) for General Practice in Kent and Medway

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 26th March 2020 :
Workforce Minimum Data Set (WMDS) Return, Managing End of Life and Death during the Covid 19 Outbreak, Covid-19 Update on emergency changes to Public Health Services: Finance, Sexual Health Services, Emergency Contraception, Substance Abuse, NHS Health Checks, Smoking Cessation, Health Visiting, School Health. Cervical Smear Update, PCN DES - GPC Update, Pharmacy Opening & Ways of Working

Kent LMC Covid Bulletin 20th March 2020
QOF, AQP providers/UTC/MIU/WIC, Extended hours/Improved Access, PPE, Workforce, Key Worker Guidance, Covid Home Visiting Service, Med 3, GP Appraisal, Performance Assessment Group (PAG), and Performer List Decision Panel (PLDP), FP10 Requests, Coroner and Death Certification, Kent and Medway CCG contact for COVID-19.


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