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Kent & Medway CCG COVID-19 Updates

The LMC have the agreement of Kent and Medway CCG to publish all of the COVID-19 Updates they are sending out to GP practices. The first update was sent out on Tuesday 17 March and then on subsequent Thursdays and Tuesdays. If urgent communication is necessary on other days they are sent as and when . Although the Updates were correct when published it is important to check that information is still current before acting on it: please email:

The bulletins have been produced to inform GPs about issues rather than for public information. If you are not a GP please contact: so we can provide the information you require.

Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 23 - 2nd June 2020

Weekly Sitrep Survey ​​​​​​​;
Clinical Advice & Support;
GP standard operating procedure version 3, Verification of Expected Death ( flowchart for Verification of Expected Death ​​​​​​​), Online support for young people in Medway, NHS healthcare for veterans and the Armed Forces community, Dental Practices, Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) updates on COVID-19 tests and testing kits, Update to guidance for people who are clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding).
Safeguarding; Do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (DNACPR) ( 7-minute safeguarding briefing ​​​​​​​).
Infection Protection & Control; Covid-19 antibody testing, Cooling and Fans in Primary Care
IT; GP Connect, Keeping Your Patients Informed about Online Services - a webinar on Thursday 4 June from 4:30pm – 5:00pm, New guidance for safe video consulting.
Finance; DES/LES/AQP Financial arrangements – Q1 2021, £1 Practice COVID-19 support funding
Workforce; Free NHS Staff Car Parking – Local Authority Car Parks ( attached pass ​​​​​​​)
Communications; Opportunity for PPG members to meet the Clinical Commissioning Group, Updated materials for NHS facilities including hospitals, GP practices, pharmacies and other NHS settings are available to download.

Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 22 - 28th May 2020
Clinical Advice & Support; Best Practice COVID-19 Webinar Tuesday 2 June 7pm-8:45pm
Referral Advice;  Hospital appointments
Infection Protection & Control; Good ventilation to minimise risk of transmission of COVID 19
IT; IT Alert, Kent and Medway Interoperability Gateway (MIG) Service – New Shared Care Record Available, East Kent EMIS Web Practices, Medway and Swale EMIS Web Practices, Dartford, Gravesham & Swanley EMIS Web Practices, West Kent EMIS Web Practices
Contracting; NHS England GP Contracts Team
Training;Virtual Café
Workforce; #LookingAfterYouToo: individual coaching support for primary care staff
Health and wellbeing survey
Communications; Facebook Live Sessions Offer Free Healthy Lifestyle Support

Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 21 - 26th May 2020 
Clinical Advice and Support; NHS Primary Care Bulletin, Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) action plan, NHS Coronavirus updates for the armed forces community, NHS Diabetes Advice helpline (frequently asked questions) ​​​​​​​, Patients being redirected to NHS 111
Referral Advice; Sexual and reproductive health support, Referral of Deaths to the Coroner
Workforce; Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).
Communications; Answerphone messages, Help us Help you – focus on Primary Care.

Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 20 - 21st May 2020 ​​​​​​​
Clinical Advice & Support; Symptoms, Screening ( NHS Cervical Screening Programme Restoration Guidance ​​​​​​​), COVID-19 Respiratory, Thromboembolism and ITU Complications in Practice, Latest NICE rapid guidelines
Safeguarding; Video and email consultations, Suicide and young people.
IT; IT support over weekends (and bank holidays), IT User Guides ( Remote Working ​​​​​​​) ( Red Centric VPN Tokens ​​​​​​​) ( Away From My Desk ​​​​​​​)
Infection Protection & Control; Testing update, Public Health England warning over home-testing kits; Donated PPE
Finance; DES/LES/AQP Financial arrangements – quarter 1 2020/21, Recovering Statutory Sick Pay payments
Prescribing & Medicines Management; Bank Holiday Monday 25 May, Transmission of prescriptions from Primary Care Treatment Centres (PCTC)
Communications; Easy Read Coronavirus guide to accessing services

Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 19 - 19th May 2020 (Primary care weekly sit-rep survey)
Clinical Advice & Support; Symptoms, Screening, Support for Care Homes, Mental Health Awareness Week.
Referral Advice; Radiology and routine referrals to EKHUFT, Electronic Referral Services (e-RS) and EKHUFT
IT; General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) data for COVID-19 pandemic.
Infection Protection & Control; Personal protective equipment (PPE) training
Communications; Stay Alert to Stay Safe– new materials.
Administration; Flu vaccine,

Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 18 - 14th May 2020
Finance; Bank Holiday Friday 8 May reimbursement rates ( May 8 Reimbursement Claim Form ), Bank holiday on Monday 25 May, Coronavirus outbreak indemnity.
Clinical Advice & Support; Care Homes, COVID-19 and End of Life Care – Best Practice Online Forum webinar
Infection Protection & Control; Chest Compressions and Infection Prevention and Control.
IT; GP Connect – actions for EMIS practices
Safeguarding; Primary Care Safeguarding Leads webinar
Prescribing & Medicines Management; Valproate Pregnancy Prevention Programme, Palliative Care Update (supplies of end of life drugs) ​​​​​​​, Inhalers.
Communications; Help to Care app launched (
web banner ​​​​​​​)

Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 17 - 12th May 2020:
Kent and Medway CCG primary care weekly sit-rep survey; (Highlight Report for last week)
Infection Protection & Control; Safety recall of Tiger Eye protective goggles; Ordering personal protective equipment (PPE), Testing.
Clinical Advice & Support; Verification of death in a period of emergency, Perinatal mental health (
GP perinatal tips ​​​​​​​).
IT; Kent & Medway Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) Update.
Administration; Registering to receive alerts from the Central Alerting System, Start of national primary care sit-rep, The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR).

Communications; New ‘Stay Alert’ messaging.

​​​​​​​Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 16 7th May 2020:
Infection Protection & Control; Training in infection prevention and control, Care Homes, Mobile Testing Units, Ordering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ( PPE ordering process ​​​​​​​)
Safeguarding; Guidance on how to respond to domestic abuse
Clinical Advice & Support; COVID and End of Life Care in Practice, GP resource to support cancer patients ( Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance GP Resources ​​​​​​​), Online support for young people in Kent, Verification of death in a period of emergency, An update on Shielding Patients for Primary Care ( template letter ​​​​​​​)
Referral Advice; Kent and Medway radiology update, Phlebotomy at Medway Community Healthcare – booked appointments only, Consultant Connect Update (Medway & Swale only), East Kent Specific Update.
IT; Support over bank holiday weekend
Medicines, Prescribing & Pharmacies; Bank Holiday Pharmacy Opening Times ( list of pharmacies ​​​​​​​), Electronic Prescription Service Phase 4.

Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 15 5th May 2020:
Administration; Primary care weekly sitrep survey , NHS Volunteer Responders, Shielded Patients, Bank Holiday Opening.
Clinical Advice; Palliative services; Flow Chart for completed TEP/ DNACPR, Impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities, Primary care support for care home residents.
IT; Support over bank holiday weekend, GP Connect, e-Consult.
Workforce Support; Supporting the wellbeing and mental health of staff - guidance for staff ​and managersTop Tips for looking after yourself, Bereavement support, Visas for health and care workers, Training in infection prevention and control.
Medicines & Prescribing Guidance; Prescriptions, Transmission of prescriptions from Primary Care Treatment Centres/ Hot Zones in General Practice, Kent and Medway acute trust’s prescription management, MTW, EKHUFT, DVH & MFT.

Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 14 30th April 2020:
​​​​​​​Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 13 28th April 2020 :
Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 12 23rd April 2020 :
Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 11 21st April 2020 :
Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 10 16th April 2020 :
Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 9 14th April 2020
Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 8 9th April 2020
Kent and Medway CCG Covid-19 Update 7 7th April 2020
Kent and Medway CCG COVID-19 Update 6 2 April 2020.pdf
Kent and Medway CCG COVID-19 Update 5 31 March 2020.pdf  
Kent and Medway CCG COVID-19 Update 4 26 March 2020.pdf 
Kent and Medway CCG COVID-19 Update 3 24 March 2020.pdf
Kent and Medway CCG COVID-19 Update 2 19 March 2020.pdf 
Kent and Medway CCG COVID-19 Update 1 17 March 2020.pdf



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