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Meningogoccal B for Infants FAQs

Date published: 02/10/2015

Dear colleagues

Meningococcal B for infants FAQs

NHS Employers have updated their vaccs and imms FAQs in relation to meningococcal B for infants to explain the eligible age cohort (2 – 13 months), as well as a catch-up cohort up to 2 years for children born on or after 1 May 2015.

The FAQs also explain what practices can do if parents approach them about having children outside of the cohort vaccinated privately.

Q. Can parents or guardians whose children don’t fall into the eligible age groups get their child vaccinated against MenB? If so, how?
A. Children can be vaccinated through a private clinic that is able to obtain the vaccine from the manufacturer. However, parents or guardians should be aware that they will be responsible for the full cost of the vaccine. Under the current contract for general practice, practices are restricted from providing private services to their own NHS patients except in very specific areas, such as travel advice.

In addition to this FAQ, the GPC would like to reiterate the advice that whilst GPs can provide private prescriptions, they are not allowed to charge their own NHS patients and we would therefore recommend that patients (outside the cohort) access a comprehensive private service provided by another practice or service provider, who would then be able to charge an appropriate fee for this private service.

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Karen Day
Division Secretarial Assistant
NHS GPs Primary Care Division