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New Guide for GPs and non GP partners planning to retire June 2022

PCSE Practice Monthly Update June 2022

We have worked with key stakeholders to produce a new guide for GPs and non GP Partners who are planning to retire or take 24 hour retirement.

The NHS Pension Scheme Retirement Guide for GPs and non GP partners, found here , explains the six key steps of the process NHS Pension Scheme members whose pension contributions are administered by PCSE need to follow if they wish to claim NHS Pension retirement benefits.

The guide also sets out the timeline for each of the steps in the process and includes some helpful Top Tips. We recommend that GPs and non GP Partners read the guide in full, 12 months before the date they plan to retire.

We recognise that the end to end process to claim NHS Pension retirement benefits is complex and we are committed to improving the experience for GPs and non GP Partners at this important time. We have recently implemented a number of operational improvements to speed up the processing of applications to claim retirement benefits and have also increased the size off the Retirements Team. We are monitoring the impact of these changes closely and are exploring further potential enhancements.

Updated on Tuesday, 2 August 2022, 329 views