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NHS Property Services Heads of Terms

Date published: 04/04/2017

Published on behalf of the GPC

We are aware that NHS Property Services issued their heads of terms to practices on 31 March 2017. We would like to highlight to practices that these terms are negotiable on an individual basis. The terms sent out are not enforceable, but should be a first step to a negotiation between NHS PS and the practice.
We are aware of ongoing issues that practices are experiencing with NHS PS and we have been meeting with NHS PS to highlight these issues and seek a solution. Our stance is clear, practices should be satisfied that the charges are duly payable and indeed reasonable before payment is made. NHS PS have informed us that some threatening letters were sent out to practices in error in January and February this year, and can be ignored by practices.
If you are looking to proceed with a lease negotiation, it is vital that you understand your  liabilities and undertake appropriate due diligence. We are aware that some transitional arrangements are being offered to practices for signing new leases and would stress that practices should enter into any such transitional arrangements only when they are satisfied with the lease conditions, including all the charges.
We will continue to meet with NHS PS so that a robust process is implemented for calculating reasonable service charges that are fair and good value for practices.