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Overseas Visitors

What are the regulations around registering patients who are overseas visitors?

The regulations have recently changed. The overriding principle now is that anyone, regardless of nationality and residential status may register and consult with a GP without charge. The key issue is whether they are registered as Immediately Necessary, Temporary or Permanent and that will depend on the nature of the initial presentation and how long they intend to reside in the country. If someone from overseas asks to register as a patient you should treat them the same as anyone else e.g. if they state that they are planning to live here for more than 3 months and you are currently accepting new patients you should register them as  a permanent patient. There is no contractual obligation for you to check proof of ID, immigration status or address.

For more detailed guidance see :

There is also information about the new GMS1 form and the self declaration at:  

Updated on 15 January 2018, 2036 views

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