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Positive Lateral Flow Device test results

Date published: 21/01/2022

From Wednesday 12 January, all Pillar 2, Positive Lateral Flow Device test results will be flowed through to GP systems. In Emis Web, these will present in the Lab Report Workflow as the following:

  • Reportable Item - SARS-COV-2 antigen
  • Result Value - Positive
  • Standard description - SARS-CoV-2-ANGY

As is the current case for all COVID-19 test results, GP's are not required to take any action on receipt of these results.


All Lateral Flow Device test results should be regarded as self reported. A further technical update will be provided at a later date to differentiate between an "Assisted" lateral flow device result (usually taken at a test centre with results reported by an operative), and those "Self-Report" by the subject/individual.


For further guidance please refer to COVID-19 and Information Standards SNAP Update, 11 January 2022, Issue 19.