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PPE Guidance

NHSE: Protecting ourselves and our patients during the Covid-19 pandemic
NHSE Webinar on Infection Control and PPE in relation to general practice 16th April 2020


NHSE Advice & Guidance on Personal protective equipment (PPE), environmental decontamination, clinical waste and aerosol generating procedures


Respirator Seal Check Guidance

Click here for the World Health Organisation's (WHO's) guidance on how to perform a particulate respirator seal check.


Guidance on escalation of PPE stock orders in Primary Care

The CCG has produced guidance for care providers to escalate requests for PPE


Urgent Requirements for PPE

National Supply disruption Response (NSDR) 2nd April 2020*  (*extract from Covid-19 GP Preparedness Webinar 2 April 2020 )


NHSE Guidance: Accessing Supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

NHSE has set up a dedicated webpage about how health and social care services can access personal protective equipment (PPE). This information is aimed at providing clear advice to healthcare providers about the arrangements for ordering and receiving essential items of PPE.

A new website national website will be set up for registering PPE requirements. In the meantime continue to follow the local protocol for ordering PPE.



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PPE - NHSE National Supply Disruption Response (NSDR) 2nd April 2020

Please see below an extract from the NHSE COVID 19 GP Preparedness Webinar 2 April 2020

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