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Sessional GP Learning Sets & HE KSS Guidance & Support for Sessional GPs

HE KSS provide ongoing and continued support to Sessional Doctor groups across the KSS area. There are currently 27 groups who are working with HE KSS to help fulfill the learning and development needs of sessional doctors.    

The website offers information on:

  • Learning Sets
  • Workshops

And provides useful links to:

  • Level 2 Safeguarding Children Training
  • National Association of Sessional GPs
  • Supporting information for appraisal and revalidation
  • RST - Step by Step of   Revalidation
  • GMC Supporting Information   for Revalidation
  • GP Networks Touch


There are numerous learning sets in Kent and Medway. Some are for sessional doctors only, others are open to partners and sessional doctors. There is a large learning set in Canterbury, smaller ones in Maidstone and Ashford. The LMC hold contact details, just e-mail us on for further information.


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