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Shared Care

The following excerpt regarding Shared Care is from the BMA's Prescribing in General Practice, published April 2018 (click here to access full version of the document)

"Sometimes the care of a patient is shared between the two doctors, usually a GP and a specialist. There should be a formalised written agreement/protocol setting out the position of each, to which both parties have willingly agreed, which is known as a ‘shared care agreement’.

It is important that patients are involved in decisions to share care and are clear about what arrangements are in place to ensure safe prescribing. In some cases, a GP may decline to participate in a shared care agreement if he or she considers it to be inappropriate. In such circumstances the consultant would take full responsibility for prescribing and any necessary monitoring. Guidance covering these issues (Responsibility for prescribing between primary and secondary/tertiary care) was published in 2018 on the NHS England website" (click here to access NHS England's website).

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