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Suggested EMIS PRA Searches

EMIS searches to identify patients in whom automatic prospective access may not be suitable.

NHS South, Central & West CSU / NHS Futures suggested searches to identify patients with safeguarding concerns or who may lack capacity patients to whom you may wish to add the “104” 'enhanced review indicated before granting access to own health records’. Which will prohibit automated prospective access to GP records. It should be noted that the code lists and processes are a mitigation and rely on patient records being coded to show they may lack capacity or have safeguarding concerns correctly within the record.


See attached documents:

  • May Lack Capacity
  • Safeguarding Code on Record

EMIS searches & support word documents from NHS SCW to support identification of patients who have on line access:


See attached documents:

  • EMIS PRA Protocol
  • EMIS PRA Reports
  • EMIS PRA Summary
  • Online Access Latest Code Protocol
  • Online Access level report
  • Online Access Status report
Updated on Thursday, 3 November 2022, 933 views

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