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Supply alerts for Seroxat, opicapone and Mitomycin-C injection

Date published: 07/11/2019

Please see attached supply update from the Department of Health and Social Care for Seroxat (paroxetine) 20mg/10ml oral solution which will be out of stock until January 2020 due to manufacturing delays. Paroxetine tablets remain available from various suppliers.

Supply Disruption Alerts have been issued for opicapone 50mg capsules and Mitomycin-C injection, Kyowa Kirin. Also attached are communications for the following:

  • UK licensed Jext 300mcg adrenaline auto-injectors are currently unavailable – MHRA has authorised for ALK to import Jext® 300mcg from Austria.
  • Delmosart (methylphenidate) 18mg prolonged-release tablets are out of stock until mid-November 2019 – all other strengths are available
  • Salofalk (mesalazine) 500mg and 1g suppositories are out of stock until w/c 16 December 2019 - 1g suppositories remain available during this period.