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EOL, Death & Cremation Certification

NHSE Information & Guidance for Medical Practitioners - Coronavirus Act: Excess death provisions

The Coronavirus Act of Parliament gained Royal Assent on 25 March 2020, and the commencement order for the clauses relating to death certification and cremation forms was signed on 26 March 2020. Guidance and information on these clauses are set out below, along with previous COVID-19 advice issued on 10 March,* included here for completeness.Coronavirus Act – excess death provisions: NHSE information and guidance for medical practitioners.  NHSE has also issued guidance on the verification of death during the pandemic ( click here )

Summary of changes in Law following Coronavirus Act 2020: Doctors issuing MCCDS/Crem4

Changes in law for doctors certifying death and issuing crem 4 forms Kent and Medway Registrars and Kent Coroners have issued a joint summary of the recent changes in law for doctors certifying death and issuing crem 4 forms .

RCGP Guidance: Remote Verification of Expected Death (VoED) Out of Hospital


The question of digital DNACPR has been raised. There is a mechanism to enable GPs to e-mail the DNACPR to SECAmb. The details can be found HERE ​​​​​. Our aim should always be to get a copy to the patient so that carers and community teams are clear. However, in the absence of being able to do this or in the interests of expedience you can e-mail the DNACPR to SECAmb. The gold standard is to have done both – email to SECAmb and original red form with patient.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): verifying death in times of emergency

This guidance is designed to clarify existing practice for the verification of death outside of hospitals and to provide a framework for safe verification of death in this coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency period.

Managing End of Life and Death during the Covid outbreak

The LMC have produced a template letter regarding managing End of Life and Death during the Covid 19 Outbreak that practices may wish to send to care homes. Managing End of Life and Death During the Covid Outbreak.  

The Primary Care and Community End of Life Resource Pack for use during Covd-19 can be accessed through the CCG Referral Support Tool.

SOP Medicine Reuse in Care Homes and Hospice Settings

The DHSC has now published the new SOP for EOLC medicine reuse in care homes and hospices. The guidance sets out criteria for when and how a medicine can be ‘reused’ in these settings.


Death Certification and Cremation pathway during Covid-19 ​​​​​​​

LMC representative for Medway and Swale, and Crematorium Medical Referee, Reshma Syed, is kindly sharing these lecture slides that cover cremation.

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