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Kent Local Medical Committee acts as the official democratic representative voice of Kent General Practitioners. The LMC is a Committee of general practitioners elected on a constituency basis by local GPs.

Meet the Team

Gaurav Gupta 2022 Sarah Westerbeek 2022 Ian Jones 2022
Dr Gaurav Gupta
Dr Sarah Westerbeek
Sessional GP Chair &
LMC Executive Member
Dr Ian Jones
LMC Executive Member
Ganapathi Subbiah 2022 Reshma Syed 2022
Dr Ganapathi Subbiah
LMC Executive Member
Dr Reshma Syed
LMC Executive Member
Liz Mears 2022 Jack Jacobs 2022 Andy Parkin 2022 Caroline Rickard 2022 Carlo Caruso 2022
Mrs Liz Mears
Director of Operations
Dr Jack Jacobs
Medical Director (Wed/Thur)
Dr Andy Parkin
Medical Director (Mon/Thur)
Dr Caroline Rickard
Medical Director (Tues/Thur)
Mr Carlo Caruso
Deputy Director of Operations
Placeholder June 2022 Kay Acott 2022 Kelly Brown 2022 Loraine Kay 2022 Sophie Webb 2022
Mrs Donna Clarke
Practice Management Executive

Mrs Kay Acott
Practice Management Executive

Mrs Kelly Brown
Senior Administrative Officer (Comms)
(9.00am - 3.30pm)
Mrs Loraine Kay
Senior Administrative Officer (Finance)
Mrs Sophie Webb
Administrative Officer
(9.00am - 2.30pm)


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