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How are we funded?

The LMC is funded from Statutory & Voluntary Levies.  We raise levies to cover the expenses of the office function as below:

The Statutory Levy

This sum, collected from all practices based on a number of pence per patient, is reviewed annually.  This ensures LMC independence from any other NHS body and enables us to represent and work neutrally on behalf of our GP constituents.  This funding is used exclusively for the running of the local LMC office and its functioning.

The Voluntary Levy

The Voluntary Levy is collected to contribute Kent’s share of the cost of the operation of the national negotiating committee and the GP Defence Fund.  The rate is set by the GP Defence Fund, based on an amount per patient and reviewed annually. Access to services funded from this levy will be made available to those who contribute.

Updated on 04 February 2016, 1303 views