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Kent LMC Advice, Guidance & Support

We provide guidance, advice and support in the following areas, to name but a few:

  • PMS/GMS/APMS contracts
  • Salaried GP contracts and terms and conditions
  • GMS/PMS and APMS regulations and the Statement of Financial Entitlement
  • Patient Lists and allocations
  • Patient Medical Records
  • IM&T
  • Superannuation issues
  • Ethical responsibilities
  • Doctors whose performance causes concern
  • Medico-legal issues
  • Complaints and disciplinary issues
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Pastoral support
  • Dispensing application appeals
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Enhanced Services
  • Occupational Health negotiation
  • Private Fees
  • Collaborative Fees
  • Dispute resolution in partnerships
  • CQC advice and support

Our wider responsibilities include the following:

Enhanced Services Consulted with/agree criteria and sign off
QoF Involved in review/monitoring
Contracts Consulted about variations, new, breaches of, failures & remedial notices re contracts
Disputes/Appeals Conciliation where requested
GP vacancies and partnership splits Informed of & consulted about emerging contracts
Premises Involved in quality visits & consulted about branch surgery situations
Practice Lists/assignments Involvement in appeals
Commissioning Consultation where GPs opt-out and alternative providers explored

The LMC’s role is to represent the views of all GPs to a variety of bodies i.e. NHS England, CCGs, Social Services, Education, patient representative bodies, the BMA via the GPC, Members of Parliament, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the local and national press.

The LMC role is enhanced under the NHS Health & Social Care Act in respect to doctors whose performance gives cause for concern.

If in doubt, always contact us first and we will be able to help or guide you to the most appropriate organisation i.e. BMA, your own accountant or solicitor etc if we are not able to help.

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