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What is a Local Medical Committee (LMC)?

An LMC is a local, recognised, statutory committee that represents General Practitioners working under all contract types: GMS, PMS, APMS as well as salaried and locum GPs and Registrars – in fact all GPs working within the NHS.  LMCs vary in size - some represent a small number of GPs whilst others cover much larger areas where LMCs form confederations consisting of a number of LMCs supported by a central organisation.  In Kent we have details of and represent approximately 1400 GPs effectively and economically.

The LMC in the Wider Context

The LMC operates as the link between local GPs and their national negotiating body, the General Practitioners Committee (GPC).  The GPC is a permanent Committee of the British Medical Association (BMA), recognised as the sole negotiating body for all NHS GPs.

GPC membership consists of 44 GPs elected from regional seats, 8 from the LMC Annual Conference and 10 from the Annual Representative Meeting of the British Medical Association (BMA).

The GPC is responsible for advising the Secretary of State, the Department for Health and NHS Employers with whom it negotiates, GPs terms and conditions and pay.  It is guided by policy decisions determined at the LMC Annual Conference.

The Annual LMC Conference is the main policy-making event where representatives from LMCs nationally attend to debate motions that reflect local GP concerns and objectives.  The LMC Conference is the body to which the GPC is directly accountable.

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