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Latest News and Guidance

Raising Concerns - Primary to Secondary Care Interface

CCGs have established new email addresses for reporting breaches of the interface...

LMC Advice: Primary Care Networks – What do Practices need to do?

We are sure colleagues have been involved in discussions about joining with your...

BMA Primary Care Networks (PCNs) Blog

BMA Primary Care Networks (PCNs) Blog

BMA Focus on the Primary Care Networks (PCNs) DES - February 2019

This document provides a brief overview of the Primary Care Networks DES. Detailed...


Highlights from the Sessional GP Sub-Committee January 2019

Sessional/VTS Conference 15th May 2019, NHS Long Term Plan, GP Partnership Review,...

IC24/LMC Interface Meeting

Differentials between East and West Kent, General Service Update IC24, Death...

EKHUFT/LMC Interface Meeting Newsletter - November 2018

Specialists working with Secondary Care, Follow up of glaucoma patients, Onward...


Non-Prescription medication in nurseries and schools

Prescribing non-prescription (over the counter) medication in nurseries and schools

Non-prescription /over the counter (OTC) medication does not need a GP signature/authorisation in order for the school/nursery/childminder to give it. The revised 'The Early Years...

Overseas Visitors

What are the regulations around registering patients who are overseas visitors?

The regulations have recently changed. The overriding principle now is that anyone, regardless of nationality and residential status may register and consult with a GP without charge....

Claiming Collaborative Fees

How do I claim fees under collaborative arrangements for work done for local authorities?

Anything a local authority requests from the NHS to enable them to fulfil their functions can be claimed under these arrangements. For information please see the guidance on our website...