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Latest News and Guidance

Covid-19: Workload Prioritisation

COVID-19 workload prioritisation guide for general practice during the accelerated...


BMA Guidance: Service charges for GP premises BMA Guidance: Rent reimbursement for GP...

BBC South East News Report: General Practice Pressures

BBC South East News - General Practice Pressures 2nd December 2021

GP Appraisals/Revalidation

BMA Guide to Medical Appraisals GMC Supporting information for appraisal and...


Kent LMC Express Weekly Update

Kent LMC Express: 17th January 2022 EKHUFT, Kent and Medway CCG, and LMC Liaison...

LMC Express: December 2021

Infection Control - reducing risk to patients and staff, Managing staff Covid illness...

LMC Express - 1-30 September 2021

Abuse in General Practice, Full LMC Meeting, Sessional GP Sub-Committee Meeting, GP...


Non-Prescription medication in nurseries and schools

Prescribing non-prescription (over the counter) medication in nurseries and schools

Non-prescription /over the counter (OTC) medication does not need a GP signature/authorisation in order for the school/nursery/childminder to give it. The revised 'The Early Years...

Claiming Collaborative Fees

How do I claim fees under collaborative arrangements for work done for local authorities?

Anything a local authority requests from the NHS to enable them to fulfil their functions can be claimed under these arrangements. For information please see the guidance on our website...