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Registering with Kent LMC

Kent Local Medical Committee (LMC) are committed to representing all GPs in Kent and Medway, and nearly half the workforce are sessional GPs (ie locum, salaried, prison doctor, OOH GP etc). However, unless individual sessional GPs make contact with the LMC, there is no way for the LMC to communicate important useful issues directly, or to gauge how the LMC can be more helpful to sessional GPs.

The current database holds just a fraction of the sessional GPs, and the next aim of the Kent LMC's Sessional GP Sub-Committee is to increase this email database so that it is more accurately representative, so apologies if you receive this letter through more than one source.

Possible uses for your email address:

  • Ask how the LMC can be helpful to sessional GPs: further gauge what sessional GP issues need addressing/representing
  • Communicate what the LMC can do for you as sessional GPs, such as support with contractual issues
  • Communicate important issues that affect you

So please contact Kelly Brown at the Kent LMC directly on 01622 851197, or email to enable us to keep you in the loop and give you better representation. (Please note your details will be for LMC use only, and will not be shared with third parties). A simple "Yes" will do, but it would also be very useful to note your main geographical areas of work, and whether this is salaried, locum, both or other (so we can make communication even more relevant). Also feel free to contact your local Sessional GP Representative with any queries (see Kent LMC Representatives link on this website).

Updated on 01 February 2016, 1063 views