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Prospective Access to Records Webinar Sept 2023

We held a webinar to on 27th September 2023 to discuss the switch on of access to records for patients, with presenters including Dr David Wrigley from the BMA GPC, Caron Browning a practice manager at a practice that has already enabled records access and representatives from the CSU. There were a lot of questions raised in the webinar chat and we have summarised those questions and responses in the attached FAQ, which also included links to training resources and to a further webinar being held by the CSU tomorrow.

Dr Wrigley advised that the BMA continues to consult on this programme and to raise concerns with NHSE about the risks posed to practices by this switch on, particularly the concerns about increased workload and the risks to partners as data controllers of any unintended data breaches. The BMA will be providing further guidance which is anticipated will be available this week.


Updated on Monday, 2 October 2023, 324 views