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Prescribing / Referrals / Treatment / Screening

Advice & Guidance: eRS and pre op clinics

Pre-Operative Blood Pressure Measurement and Management

Advice for Doctors providing assistance at Sporting Events (2014)

About this resource The purpose of this resource from the British Medical Association's (BMA) Board of Science is to provide information for BMA members who are interested in, and are considering providing, medical care at sporting events in a professional (whether paid or unpaid) capacity....

Advice for GPs on Military Veterans attending with concerns on use of Mefloquine

Dear all, Please find attached information from NHS England relating to Mefloquine, an anti-malarial which was prescribed to military personnel who were operating or training in Sub-Saharan Africa (not in Iraq or Afghanistan, with few exceptions) over the past 20 years. The attached documents...

Antibiotic Awareness Poster - March 2017

Please below a link to a BVA poster on antibiotic awareness, that has had some input from the BMA, which might be useful for you to display in your reception area.,_campaigns_and_policies/Policies/Medicines/BVA-Antibiotic-poster.pdf

BMA Consent Toolkit

BMA Guidance: Interface between NHS and Private Treatment

Practical advice for doctors who want to set up in private medical practice and minimise the risk of conflict between private practice and NHS commitments.

BMA Guidance: Low Value Medicine/Over the Counter (OTC)

Following two consultations on which items should not be routinely prescribed in primary care, and on conditions for which over the counter (OTC) items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care, NHS England published revised commissioning guidance for CCGs on reducing prescribing of OTC...

BMA Guidance: Refugee and Asylum Seeker Patient health toolkit

This guidance is for doctors who may be uncertain about the specific health needs and entitlement to different types of care of patients who are refugees and asylum seekers.

BMA Guidance: Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions at School

The Department for Education has issued new statutory guidance and non-statutory advice on the roles and responsibilities of GPs in supporting pupils with medical conditions at...

BMA Prescribing Guidance (April 2018)

The GPC prescribing policy group has updated the Prescribing Guidance , to include a link to the template letters relating to the new requirements on hospitals to reduce inappropriate bureaucratic workload shift. The prescribing guidance is available on the newly updated prescribing pages on...

Duty of Care: Hospital Test Results

Joint GPC & Consultant Committee Statement on hospital test results & statement on Duty of Care regarding drugs recommended from out-patient clinics - July 2015 Duty of care regarding communication of investigation results & drugs recommended from outpatients. Dear all, The joint GPC and...

Ebola: GPC/PHE Advice and Guidance

BMA Advice & Guidance: Dealing with a potential Ebola virus case Public Health England: Information for Primary Care: Managing patients who require assessment for Ebola virus...

Expansion of Clinical Pharmacist in General Practice to benefit more Kent patients July 2017

NHS England has announced that more patients in east Kent, north Kent and west Kent will benefit from having pharmacists working in local GP surgeries, as part of a further roll out of our national Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice scheme. For further information please see link below

Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

Following adoption by the Council and the European Parliament, the Falsified Medicines Directive (Directive 2011/62/EU) was published on 1 July 2011 in the Official Journal of the European Union. The Falsified Medicines Directive had to be transposed by member states by 2 January 2013. The...

Gender Incongruence in Primary Care

This guidance aims to explain what should be provided in primary care, signposts further sources of guidance, and highlights some of the underpinning ethical and legal considerations for this group of patients. This covers the management of patients who present at their general practice with...

GMC Guidance: Patients who refuse treatment

GOS18 referrals do not require GP action (September 2018)

GOS 18 Direct Referral Routes The attached letter was sent to Optometrists by NHS Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group on behalf of the four East Kent CCG’s (NHS Ashford CCG, NHS Canterbury & Coastal CCG, NHS South Kent Coast CCG and NHS Thanet CCG. The letter states that "the CCGs expect...

Guidance Regarding the new GMS1 Form

New GMS1 Form instructions for use from 1st October By now your practice should have received an initial supply of the new GMS1 form to be used from 1st October. If an overseas patient chooses to complete the supplementary questions you have to send a copy of the form to either NHS Digital or...

Guidance: Population screening, reducing inequalities for people with a learning disability, autism or both

Please see below the link to a new comprehensive guide to supporting people with learning disabilities and/or autism in accessing population screening programmes. It outlines the legal duty providers have in the sharing of information and the delivery of their service to this population group....

Handling of Medicines in Social Care

The Royal Pharmaceuitcal Society has issued guidelines for the handling of medicines in Social Care

Health and Safety (Sharps Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013

Health and Safety (Sharps Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013 These Regulations implement the EU Council Directive 2010/32/EU on the prevention of sharps injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector. Many of the requirements contained in the Directive already formed part of health and...

Homely Remedies for Adults in Care Homes (Revised April 2016)

This document describes those medications that may be administered by qualified nurses and trained care home staff to their residents suffering minor ailments over short periods.

LMC Advice & Guidance on The Impact of the National Flu Pharmacy Scheme - July 2015

From September 2015 adult at-risk patients will be able to access seasonal flu vaccinations in participating community pharmacies - please read attached important advice from the LMC.

LPC Guidance: Patient Dosing Systems

The provision of medicines to patients in care homes, in monitored dose systems (MDS) such as the Manrex, Nomad or Venalink systems has long been a part of the pharmacy dispensing service. There is also the supply to patients in the community using systems which are designed for patients living...

MHRA Advice: Managing Medical Devices (April 2015)

Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency Advice on managing medical devices:

Migrant Health Guide (Updated 2017)

This resource was was developed by the Travel and Migrant health team in London for primary care colleagues, with “advice and guidance on the health needs of migrant patients for healthcare practitioners".

NHS Screening Programmes

NHS abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) programme NHS bowel cancer screening (BCSP) programme NHS breast screening (BSP) programme NHS cervical screening (CSP) programme NHS diabetic eye screening (DES) programme NHS fetal anomaly screening programme (FASP) NHS infectious diseases in pregnancy...

Non Prescription Medication for Care Homes

Following a query from an LMC that some practices are reporting that they are receiving increasingly detailed requests from care homes about ‘homely remedies’, requesting a GP to sign a form for the administration of these remedies, the GPC Prescribing policy group’s advice is: We approve of...

Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) provide a legal framework that allows some registered health professionals to supply and/or administer specified medicines to a pre-defined group of patients, without them having to see a prescriber (such as a doctor or nurse prescriber). Supplying and/or...

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) Updated April 2018

The GPC guidance Patient Group Directions and Patient Specific Directions in General Practice has been redrafted to clarify the position of PSDs, confirming that they do not necessarily have to be in written form, but can also be a verbal instruction. The new guidance is available on the BMA...

Pre-School and Medication

A school (actually a 'pre-school') has told us they cannot administer OTC drugs to a child, only those prescribed by a GP, as this is an OFSTED requirement . They have told parents they will only administer immediate emergency treatment and call an ambulance. The practice have therefore been...

Prescribing Gluten Free Products See Also: GPC Advice: Prescribing in General Practice

Prescription Direction: Joint document from the BMA, PSNC and Pharmacy Voice

'Prescription direction' occurs where a patient is being directed by their GP practice to a certain pharmacy to have their prescription dispensed. Patients have a free choice between any community pharmacy and in some cases, a GP dispensary. Actions by practices seeking to influence a patient's...

Prescription of prophylactic Tamiflu to the residents of nursing homes

Kent LMC are aware that some practices in Kent and Medway have been approached by Public Health England to prescribe prophylactic Tamiflu to the residents of nursing homes. Of course it is up to individual clinicians to determine how they respond to such requests. We would however like you to...

Quality & Outcomes Framework (QoF) Guidance & Summary of Changes for GMS Contract 2015/16

The General Practitioners Committee (GPC) and NHS Employers (on behalf of NHS England) have agreed changes to the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) for 2015-16. These changes are: An adjustment to the QOF point value for 2015-16 taking account of population growth and relative changes in...

Responsibility for prescribing between Primary & Secondary/Tertiary Care January 2018

Responsibility for prescribing between Primary & Secondary/Tertiary Care January 2018

Royal Pharmaceutical Society: Improving Patient Outcomes - The Better use of Multi-Compartment Compliance Aids (July 2013)

This report aims to improve patient outcomes with the better use of medicines, through the provision of knowledge and information to pharmacists, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders involved in health and social care.

What to Expect When You are Referred to a Specialist

Our latest poster has all the information on what patients can expect when they are referred to a specialist.

Zika Virus Infection: Guidance for Primary Care (Updated March 2016)

The joint Zika Guidance for Primary Care has been updated to reflect the new wording for travel recommendations for pregnant women and clarification of advice on sexual transmission. The changes include: 1. Updated travel advice for pregnant women 2. Clarification of...