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Advice for GPs for requests to prescribe sedative prior to dental procedures

Dentists should not direct patients to GPs requesting they prescribes sedating medications, such as diazepam. If a dentist wishes to prescribe sedating medications for anxious patients that dentist should be responsible for issuing the prescription. The dental practitioner's formulary, which...

BMA Guidance: Refugee and Asylum Seeker Patient health toolkit

This guidance is for doctors who may be uncertain about the specific health needs and entitlement to different types of care of patients who are refugees and asylum seekers.

BMA Prescribing Guidance

The BMA prescribing guidance is available on the prescribing pages on the BMA website.

GMC Guidance: Patients who refuse treatment

GMC Guidance: Personal beliefs and medical practice

Guidance: Population screening, reducing inequalities for people with a learning disability, autism or both

Please see below the link to a new comprehensive guide to supporting people with learning disabilities and/or autism in accessing population screening programmes. It outlines the legal duty providers have in the sharing of information and the delivery of their service to this population group....

Managing patients with gender dysphoria

The current situation, both nationally and locally, of services available for gender dysphoria patients is sadly lacking. This is putting these patients, and their GPs, in very difficult situations of trying to manage their care and prescribing without an adequate service in place. Kent LMC are...

Migrant Health Guide

This resource was was developed by the Travel and Migrant health team in London for primary care colleagues, with 'advice and guidance on the health needs of migrant patients for healthcare practitioners'.

Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) provide a legal framework that allows some registered health professionals to supply and/or administer specified medicines to a pre-defined group of patients, without them having to see a prescriber (such as a doctor or nurse prescriber). Supplying and/or...

Responsibility for prescribing between Primary & Secondary/Tertiary Care January 2018

Responsibility for prescribing between Primary & Secondary/Tertiary Care January 2018

What to Expect from your Hospital Appointment

Our latest poster has all the information on what patients can expect when they are referred to a specialist.