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Sessional/Salaried GPs

Appraisal Tips for Salaried GPs

A helpful resource provided by the General Practitioner Committee of the British Medical Assocation to help Sessional GPs to get the most out of their appraisal. AppraisalAid | How do I get my appraisal...

BMA Guidance: Locum Fees

Whether you are a locum GP, consultant, or an employer of locum services such as a GP practice or PCO, the BMA have guidance and fees to help with your negotiations. Advice for locums Negotiate your fee and the expenses you can claim for Use the locum fees calculator Locum agreements in...

BMA Locum Agreement Guidance

The BMA has recently released guidance for BMA Members on Locum Agreements. It can be found on the BMA website: If you need advice and are not a BMA member please...

BMA Model Contract for Sessional GPs

Supporting guidance for salaried GPs & locums: Model contract for salaried GPs: This document explains the minimum Terms and Conditions for salaried GPs, guidance on negotiating salaries and appropriate uplifts and explains the process of changing hours of work in light of the extended access...

BMA Top tips for working out of hours

Out of hours work can be a rewarding part of a portfolio career. There are, however, a number of pitfalls you need to look out for if you're considering this line of work. Click here for some top tips on how to avoid them and some key questions to ask .

GPC Roadshow February 2018 - Dr Farah Jameel

Presentation from the GPC Roadshow, 7th February 2018

IR35 Update (February 2020)

The BMA/GPC have updated all their employment status (IR35) guidance into one easy-to-read document so that locum GPs have all the information they need to be confident in determining their employment status. Read more in a blog by Matt Mayer, Deputy Chair of the GP Sessional GP Committee.

Kent LMC Sessional/VTS Conference Presentations: May 2019

Kent & Medway Medical School (KMMS) Update, Professor Chris Holland, Foundation Dean, KMMS Indemnity Update, Keira Moulds, Head of Primary Care (Quality & Regulation), Operations and Information Directorate, NHS England National changes to Primary Care and how they affect you, Dr Farah Jameel,...

Memorandum of Understanding between GP contract Holders and Salaried GP trainers

The attached memorandum of understanding has been approved by Kent LMC. It is designed to facilitate the involvement of salaried trainers in the delivery of hub based learning.

Salaried GP Pay Ranges and BMA template letters DDRB Uplift 2022

Pay ranges for salaried GPs are set by the DDRB. See the ranges here. Click HERE to see the ranges, BMA template letter DDRB uplift 2022 for salaried GPs/non-standard salaried GPs

Salaried GPs working under New Models of Care: BMA - November 2017

The traditional model of general practice is under pressure, as momentum builds to provide integrated care services at scale. Against the backdrop of rising demand and diminishing resources, many practices are left in a vulnerable position, creating an impetus to take forward new ways of working...

Sessional Doctor Learning Support Groups (SDLSG)

Sessional Doctor Learning Support Groups (SDLSG) are expected to offer a structure for peer support for sessional GPs. These groups are expected to be dynamic as professional roles and responsibilities change. SDLSG provide continuing education for GPs working in general practice and maintain...

Sessional GP: GPC e-newsletters

Click HERE for the latest Sessional GPC e-Newsletter

Sessional GPs guidance on NHS pensions and Capita (May 2018)

BMA Guidance: Sessional GP Pension & Capita