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Managing Workload

Raising Concerns - Primary to Secondary Care Interface - email addresses have been established for reporting breaches of the interface standards for both hospital and community contracts.

BMA Guidance: Pushing back on inappropriate workload - letter templates to help GP practices push back on inappropriate workload from CCGs, prescribers, hospitals and your area team.

List Management: LMC In Touch Extract 2015

BMA Guidance: Workload Control in General Practice - Ensuring Patient Safety through demand management

BMA Guidance: Pushing back on workload from secondary care - guidance and letters you can use if you need to take action.

BMA Guidance: Prescribing over-the-counter medicines in nurseries and schools - GPs are often asked to prescribe over-the-counter medication to satisfy nurseries and schools. This is a misuse of GP time, and is not necessary.

BMA Guidance: Controlling workload in general practice strategy - Workload is, arguably, the most important factor in managing working conditions for GPs nationally. The BMA proposed a workload control strategy to address the factors involved.

Managing Workload - Requests for School Certificates