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FP10 and Prescriber endorsement: NHSE/I Guidance January 2020

New FP10 and prescriber endorsement
NHSE/I have published a new FP10 NHS prescription form with the new prescriber endorsement ‘FS’ for free supply of sexual health treatment – please see attached the toolkit. The new FP10 form is being rolled out at the end of January. Existing stocks of the old form already in the system, such as in GP practices and pharmacies, should be used up prior to use of the new form. Both forms will be accepted for processing during the transition to the new form.

The new prescriber endorsement will become live from 1 February 2020. Until the necessary changes have been made to prescribing systems, prescribers should revert to issuing paper prescriptions with 'FS' manually endorsed next to each item intended for the treatment of an STI. Where ‘FS’ has been added as a handwritten endorsement, for example, on a computer-generated form, this should be counter-signed in the usual way. Dispensing doctors will continue to use paper prescriptions with a handwritten endorsement. More information is available here

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